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We are able to convert most vehicles to cater for your refrigeration transport needs, from small to large vans.

Our high quality systems will ensure you get your cargo to its destination at the right temperature, meaning you keep your customers happy.

Our qualified and experienced team of engineers are able to install refrigeration and insulation units into your vehicle without delay, meaning you have minimal disruption to your business.

We use only top quality products and tools to ensure extremely efficient refrigeration in your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Here at Polacap Refrigeration, we look at each contract individually and tailor our services to the customer’s needs. This means you get a bespoke conversion and installation for your vehicle to ensure it performs exactly how you want it to.


The process starts by establishing what temperatures you need to keep your cargo at. We can then help you decide which refrigeration unit will best suit your requirements and budget.

State-of-the-art insulation lining will also be added to your vehicles to guarantee 100% performance from your refrigeration system.

We strive to keep overheads low so we can provide top quality vehicle refrigeration at an affordable price.

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